Top 5 tips you need to remember while comparing quotes online

If you are wanting to find the best life insurance quotes online then you need to know not only where to find them, but what an insurance company sees as a small risk customer. The higher risk an insurance company thinks that you are, the higher your premiums will be when you get the policy quote. There are easy steps you can take though to ensure that you are seen as a minimal risk client. You just need to understand how insurance companies calculate your risk factor.

How’s your health?

An insurance company will want to know all about your health should you want life insurance. This is because this is a huge calculation into your risk. If you are unwell or run the risk of getting any serious medical conditions then you are more likely to ask for a pay-out which means insurance companies are automatically going to charge you more.

How old are you?

This is another part of their risk assessment of you especially of you want a policy which pays out after you die. The age that premiums used to go up at was 50+ however recent studies suggest that on average you will have another 20+ years left. This means you are not a high risk like you used to be.

The phone operator works on commission

While it is wise to do your initial search online, you should know that most of the phone desks for insurance companies work on commission. So a suggestion would be to whittle down the completion and then make some phone calls. Most of the operators will offer you at least a slightly better deal, because then they get a share of it too.

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better

Insurance companies are known for avoiding the pay-outs so make sure you read the small print. You don’t want to fall for a policy because it is the cheapest if it doesn’t cover what you need it to. So it is always best to really read into what it offers. Make phone calls and don’t allow them to sales pitch you into taking it until you fully know what you are paying for.

Getting a cheap policy that covers nothing means you are just flushing away your money. Even if it means paying more you need something that will give you proper coverage. Consider raising your excess amount if the cost of good insurance coverage is simply too much for you.

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Some additional thoughts

If you do consider raising your excess amount make sure it is still an amount that you would be able to pay. Again having an insurance policy that you can’t afford to use is a waste of time and money. It might seem tempting for the lower premium payments but in the case of you needing to use it, you will regret it.

Don’t even take the first quote in order to get the best life insurance quotes online, you need to put each company against each other in the bid for your custom, don’t let them make you feel like they are doing you the favour!


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